Apple iPhone 6 & iPhone 6 Plus Features, Specs

In the history, there have been times people eagerly waiting for their superstar’s movie releases from months, next season to come for any T.V sitcom, next part of the book series to uncover in the market, wait for the prestigious event like World Cup, but Apple as a manufacturer is setting a different trend in […]

Master Plan of Decorating Digital India by 2019

Last BJP’s tenure in office took the sole responsibility of enriching transportation and Industries and this time big size dream by 282 men to digitalize India. Since mobile phone turned out as a vital organ of the human body, Saffron syndicate is all set to make use of the vital organ to cater government services […]

“Add-ons” to Supercharge the Browsers

There is hardly anyone who is not connected to the internet in this era and as such using browsers has become second nature to most of us. There are numerous browsers in the market available – many of them even non commercial – and almost all of them are highly efficient to enhance a user’s […]

Manage your Files with these 6 Free Tools in Windows

The work load is increasing everyday (even though countries are going through an economic low) and quite consequently the storage capacity for our files is also increasing on the hard disks. With ever increasing files and storage capacity it sometimes become one cumbersome job to, say, find a file in the entire pile up. Just […]

Think Tank to replace Planning Commission

The 56 inch chest took an intrepid pronouncement to morsel Planning Commission which was announced on his maiden Independence Day speech. Well the planning commission is going to be replaced by Think Tank of intellectuals from Government and Non Government zones. However the basic motive to formulate plans remains same with the new born baby […]

Fill VidyaSiri Scholarship Online Application

Now students within the state of Karnataka can submit VidyaSiri Scholarship Online Application for the current academic year 2014-2015. In this regard, Karnataka Welfare Department had published few notification mentioning the eligibility criteria and process of Karnataka ePass Application submission. Both Freshers and Renewals of OBC category are called to fill up the application form […]