BSNL Modem Configuration Steps to enable WiFi

Are you using BSNL Broadband Network?

Facing problems to configure BSNL Wifi Modem Router to Enable WiFi or WLAN?

Then this tutorial might rescue you and helps to configure BSNL Modem to enable Wifi/WLAN. The modem that is distributed by the BSNL are very compact and powerful. These are best for Home and Small Office Networks. But the main issue comes by connecting the Internet through Wireless Modem. To get it actually done, one must have to configure it properly with correct settings. Follow the simple steps mentioned below to get Internet on your desktop as well as Laptop without any physical connection.

Firstly, connect the modem exactly as shown in the below image

bsnl broadband router connection

BSNL Modem Configuration Steps

1. First of all it is mandatory to set your IP as To do this go to “Network Places Properties” and set you Protocol IP to and default gateway as

bsnl broadband router connection

2. Now open your browser and type URL and hit enter.

3. Now you will be prompted to enter ID and password to configure your ADSL BSNL broadband Router/Modem. Enter User Name: admin and Password: admin

4. Here Hit on “Advanced Set Up” and then “EDIT” over Service PPPoE.

5. No need to change “ATM PVC Configuration” hit “Next”.

6. Change “Connection Type” to “PPP over Ethernet (PPPoE)” then hit “Next”.

7. Enter “PPP Username and Password” and Enter Service Name as your Wish. Don’t change any other setting. Click on “Next”.

8. Don’t change any settings at “Network Address Translation Settings”. Click “Next”, then Click “SAVE”.

Enabling WiFi Security

1. Go to Wireless Tab at Left Side.

2. Then Security set Network Authentication to OPEN, Enable WEP Encryption, Current Network Key to “1” and enter Network Key 1 as ABCDE (Which acts as password while connecting to Wi-Fi).

3. Save your Settings and Reboot you Router or Modem.

If you are facing any problem while configuring BSNL Broadband Modem to enable WiFi then watch the video for better understanding.

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  1. Zubair Ahmed says

    Sir. Can I use a router instead of a modem for my BSNL broadband connection and use WiFi as well? Please comment.

  2. richard philips roy says

    now modem configuration page has been changed. please tell me how to do it in present version

  3. Bharath says

    I have try this 6months ago but now the problem is the website doesnt open when i login into portal i simply loading

  4. Ritesh Patel says

    I connected wireless network in my PC it also shows wireless range and also connected to other PC but in my PC it can’t open internet page suggest me what to do..

  5. nitish says

    i entered UserName: admin and Password: admin or password btu it is comeing agin to enter……..
    please say another way

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