How to Check LIC Policy Status Online by Policy Number

Want to Check LIC Policy Status Online?

There are numerous kinds of policies that are present and they are all very beneficial to the holder. The only issue that is faced by the holders is that they are ignorant about the status of their policy at a given point of time and are completely dependent on their insurance agent for all the information relevant to the policy. The status of LIC Policy is no longer, solely in the hands of your agent. You can check it for yourself as well and that too, from the comfort of your home, whenever you want. This is something that many of us have been longing for, but haven’t been able to get as this feature had not been made available on the official site of LIC, till now. But, it is now possible. If you want to do so and don’t know how to check LIC Policy Status Online by Policy Number, then this post has come to your rescue as here you will get to know what you need to do.

lic policy status online

There are quite a few ways to go about this, but I personally feel that the best and the simplest way to do so, is to use the internet, visit the site and then check the details of the policy. You need to bear one thing in mind and that is, you are the bearer of the policy and it is your sole responsibility to have all the information regarding status of LIC Policy from the time you get one for yourself, till the time it matures.

Steps to Check LIC Policy Status Online

There are not many intricate steps that you need to go through, to be able to check your status online. I have broken down the steps for your ease.

  1. You first need to log onto the official site of Life Insurance Corporation.
  2. Once you have reached the home page of the site, you will need to register with them. The registration is a simple process and you will just have to fill in your details and you will be register with the site.
  3. After the process of registration, you are free to know all that you want about your policy. There are a whole list of options that are displayed will direct you to the operation that you want to do. Select the one that you want, which in this case is checking the LIC policy status.
  4. You will be asked to enter your Policy number and once it is done, you will get all the details about the policy that you hold along with its present status.

There are the other fields that you can enter into as well, once you are done with finding the status of LIC policy. The simplicity and ease of use of this site is known to be the best.

What if I don’t have an internet connection?

lic helpline number

This is a question that I get asked a lot and it is a very valid question in my view. You will be pleased to know that the officials of LIC have thought this over in advance and have a solution to this problem. They are of the view that all their customers are of equal importance and it is their duty to provide all the information that is required by the customers like LIC Policy Status Details in a basic and simple manner, so that everyone who is associated with them can benefit from it. If you do not have the internet connection at your place or are not able to use it for one reason or the other, then there is one thing that you can do and that is, make use of the LIC Helpline Number which is 1251. Once you call on the helpline through BSNL or MTNL you will get to know all the details regarding your LIC Policy Status Details which includes loan against policy amount, next due date etc.

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    • Praveen says

      Once again check out the steps mentioned above. We have updated the registration link. Register with your policy details to view LIC Status Online. If you are already registered then go to homepage of LIC then select “Online Services” tab on the middle right. Thanks!

  1. Y S N Sastry says

    I need to check the policy status of my policy Varishta Pension Bima Yojana, which we took in 2004 and from December 2013, we are not receiving the payment amount of 2000 rs which was supposed to be deposited.
    Could you please let me know where to get the details of this online, as when I give the policy number and search in the website, it says, The Policy Number entered by You is not Correct..

  2. Anitha says

    my policy no 735732991, i dont know anything about my policy include premium amount so i cant register with lic online registration and my policy matured date is 29/09/2014, i get letter from lic to receive the amount 19000. i want to know who will take lic for me and all the details any one can help me

  3. Vijay Kumar Polepally says

    My Policy no.641049291 i dont know anything about my policy include premium amount so i cant register with lic online registration .. help me

  4. Ajaykumar says

    My Policy no is 537789479. I would like to know about my installation till date. I pay it from 2009. i do not have any record with me, so please do needful for me as soon as possible. Awaiting for your positive reply. thanks.

  5. eshwar shankaran iyer says

    1] My Policy #921983334 & Date of Maturity will be 11/05/2015 – Please let me have the details of amount as on date.
    2] My Policy #921804868 & Date of Maturity will be 08/09/2015 – Please let me have the details of amount as on date.
    I would like to have details of value of the above policies. thx
    Eshwar Shankaran Iyer

  6. Siddhalingeshwar M B says

    Dear Sir,

    I have applied for below policy nos for transferring monthly basis to Half yearly basis.

    I did not received any information. Kindly let us know.

    Plicy nos
    1. 631677691
    2. 631677692
    3. 631677693
    4. 631677694



    I Know my Policy No 186888900 and 186888899 statement on email
    Please send this policy account statment

  8. yusuf a shaikh says

    my policy number is 863262993 .i want to surrender my policy so i want to know that what amount i can receive till today with complete bonus and the sum of money which i had paid till today.

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