How Students can Earn Money with IndiaStudyChannel

Earning money in student years is imperative, as the money that you get as “pocket money” is not enough to meet your expenses and the only solution to meet the mounting bills, is to make some extra money by part time jobs. There are many online jobs that are available and they all offer quick money-making solutions. The issue with these sites is that they are not authentic and many a times are fraudulent. Also, many of them ask for a registration fee that is not affordable on the part of the student and thus, he/she is not able to take it up. IndiaStudyChannel is one site that is different from the rest and helps students to earn some extra money while studying. Here’s how students can earn money with IndiaStudyChannel.

earn money indiastudychannel

What is IndiaStudyChannel?

ISC (India Study Channel) is basically an educational portal site that helps students from different fields of study to make money online. There are many discussion forums that are present on the site and these forums are looked after by experts of English. They help out the students who are a part of these forums by correcting the mistakes that they make on the discussion forum.

Apart from this, there are many other programs that are seen on the site. You can choose any of these programs based on your interest, area of study and your knowledge.

Besides providing students with a platform to interact with other from the same field, it also lets them know about all the job opportunities that are present in the market and also presents you with previous years papers of many exams, so that there is easy in preparing for these exams. India Study Channel is a site that students must be connected to, for making some pin money and otherwise as it is helpful and informational as well.

How to get connected with IndiaStudyChannel?

The following are the simple steps to register with ISC. Here you go..

  1. Being a part of the India Study Channel is not a very big task. All you need to do is visit the IndiaStudyChannel (ISC) site and register with them.
  2. Soon after filling the registration form, check your email and confirm the registration from
  3. Once you have done so, you will be able to earn money through the many programs that they have. You have the option of choosing any of the programs that they have.
  4. You need to have a GMail account if you wish to register with the site. When you are getting yourself an account with Gmail, you need to make sure that you are entering all correct details.
  5. Now enter the site, that is India Study Channel, from your GMail account, itself.
  6. Once you are there, you can make all the necessary changes on your profile, but make sure that the details that you fill in must coincide with the information that you have provided for your GMail ID.

You are now ready to make money online via IndiaStudyChannel. You will get an idea of all the different programs that are present on the site and also what the other members of the site are doing. Once you find something of you interest, you can start expressing yourself in the many discussion forums that are present. Other students will join in the discussion and you will be able to gather knowledge about many things that you previously were ignorant about.

It will be beneficial for you if you join a discussion forum that is related to the course that you are pursuing and while you are at it, you need to make a group consisting of people from the same field and pass on information that you have in return of what they have got to give you.

Also, if you are good at writing articles, then it will be a good thing for you to post some of your work on the site as you will be paid for that as well.

This is how students can earn money with IndiaStudyChannel. It is a simple, effective and reliable source for students to meet their financial needs while widening their knowledge of their area of study. Also, if you make full use of the site, you may just land up a job in a good company as they provide information about the same.

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