Online SBI Mobile Number Approval Form

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State Bank of India is one of the best bank all over country. Its services are affordable to common people and there are no excess charges in using them. One among their service is SBI Net Banking which is simply known as Online Banking. It is simple to get a Net Banking Account if you are having saving or current account in anyone of the SBI Branches.

Using such kind of services like Mobile Banking or Net Banking, the most concerned factor is security. Till now State Bank of India is offering high security portal to their users without any compromise. If one using SBI Net Banking Service more frequently, then they must take some security measures like changing the password more frequently, using Virtual Keyboard in home or net cafes.

sbi net banking mobile number approval form

Here is the simple guide on how to get Online SBI Mobile Number Approval Form. Don’t worry! You are not asked by the bank people while applying for Internet Banking. After then if you wish to change the mobile number it is mandatory to get new mobile number approved by the SBI Branch. Mobile Number is required for making online transactions which send a security code to the number registered. If the given phone number is changed, then you need to fill a form to get new mobile no. approved by the Branch. Just follow the simple steps to download SBI mobile number change request form in PDF.

Online SBI Mobile Number Change Form

1. Logon to OnlineSBI which is the secured official website of State Bank of India.

2. Under Personal Banking, find “Login” button then continue to Login Page.

3. Sign in to your Account with Username and Password.

4. Then navigate to “Profile” to change the mobile number.

sbi net banking profile page

5. Enter into “Personal Details” and enter the Profile Password.

sbinetbanking personal details

6. To change the mobile number, select “Approve” then download/Print the branch approval form if you don’t receive the verification password to the mobile.

sbi net banking mobile number change

7. Fill the details correctly and handover the same in your SBI Branch.

If you still face any problem while getting Online SBI Mobile Number Approval Form, just drop a comment below.


  1. Ameen says


    this is ameen i have a NRE ACCOUNT HOLDER I want to change my mobile number though online INTERNET banking account ,when i change and done there is a message i had got ,mobile number not change due to some technical problem . then i mail to my branch manager he is not giving properly reply today i login my account what i see my email address is clear .
    in this regards what i do kindly suggest me

    thank you very much

    • Praveen says

      It is mandatory to submit mobile number change approval form in the branch. Please visit your account home branch to change it.

      • Ashu says

        My registered number got deactivated so, I wanted to register a new number for online banking purposes. 4 days ago, I went to profile and changed the number. Today, I got the print out and went to the bank with a copy of my pan card. He said he has approved the number but m profile says otherwise. it hasn’t been changed. Does it take time?

  2. ashish singh says

    branch has approved my no. in front of me but it is not still updated in my internet banking profile section. pls suggest asap.

    • Praveen says

      That’s strange. I think they didn’t passed your application to the concerned section. Please do consult again describing the same problem. Hope this helps.

  3. saurabh gupta says

    how to register mobile no. first time as it is now required to generate new password for online banking

    • Praveen says

      If you wish to change the mobile number, then it is mandatory to submit mobile number approval form to process the request.

  4. abdul rashid says

    I want an approval of
    my new can I send approval form through speed post to the branch manager?because I am serving in other state

  5. Adil khan says

    Hai my account number 30971476356 i had submited Aproval form to change my number bt it has been a week still my mob number had been not changed

  6. O V Narasimha Rao says

    Hi I am facing the problem with OTP if any transaction or bill payment is made on online through my SBI card the OTP is not getting to my mobile no but in my net banking my mobile no is only there. I am not understanding why like this happening please rectify my problem and tell me any solution for this. If i withdraw money from ATM then it will getting message to my mobile no.

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