Online SBI Mobile Number Approval Form

State Bank of India is one of the best bank all over country. Its services are affordable to common people and there are no excess charges in using them. One among their service is SBI Net Banking which is simply known as Online Banking. It is simple to get a Net Banking Account if you are having saving or current account in anyone of the SBI Branches.

Using such kind of services like Mobile Banking or Net Banking, the most concerned factor is security. Till now State Bank of India is offering high security portal to their users without any compromise. If one using SBI Net Banking Service more frequently, then they must take some security measures like changing the password more frequently, using Virtual Keyboard in home or net cafes.

sbi net banking mobile number approval form

Here is the simple guide on how to get Online SBI Mobile Number Approval Form. Don’t worry! You are not asked by the bank people while applying for Internet Banking. After then if you wish to change the mobile number it is mandatory to get new mobile number approved by the SBI Branch. Mobile Number is required for making online transactions which send a security code to the number registered. If the given phone number is changed, then you need to fill a form to get new mobile no. approved by the Branch. Just follow the simple steps to download SBI mobile number change request form in PDF.

Online SBI Mobile Number Change Form

1. Logon to OnlineSBI which is the secured official website of State Bank of India.

2. Under Personal Banking, find “Login” button then continue to Login Page.

3. Sign in to your Account with Username and Password.

4. Then navigate to “Profile” to change the mobile number.

sbi net banking profile page

5. Enter into “Personal Details” and enter the Profile Password.

sbinetbanking personal details

6. To change the mobile number, select “Approve” then download/Print the branch approval form if you don’t receive the verification password to the mobile.

sbi net banking mobile number change

7. Fill the details correctly and handover the same in your SBI Branch.

If you still face any problem while getting Online SBI Mobile Number Approval Form, just drop a comment below.

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  1. Ameen says


    this is ameen i have a NRE ACCOUNT HOLDER I want to change my mobile number though online INTERNET banking account ,when i change and done there is a message i had got ,mobile number not change due to some technical problem . then i mail to my branch manager he is not giving properly reply today i login my account what i see my email address is clear .
    in this regards what i do kindly suggest me

    thank you very much

    • Praveen says

      It is mandatory to submit mobile number change approval form in the branch. Please visit your account home branch to change it.

      • Ashu says

        My registered number got deactivated so, I wanted to register a new number for online banking purposes. 4 days ago, I went to profile and changed the number. Today, I got the print out and went to the bank with a copy of my pan card. He said he has approved the number but m profile says otherwise. it hasn’t been changed. Does it take time?

  2. ashish singh says

    branch has approved my no. in front of me but it is not still updated in my internet banking profile section. pls suggest asap.

    • Praveen says

      That’s strange. I think they didn’t passed your application to the concerned section. Please do consult again describing the same problem. Hope this helps.

      • Ahmad says

        I had given the mobile number change application to branch.They have changed my mobile number and i am getting SMS alerts on my new number but while doing the online transaction,the OTP is being sent to old number, which i dont use anymore.I dont know whats the issue.How to resolve this issue. I Stay in bangalore and my account is in my native. Is there anyway to approve my pending number change?

        Thank you

  3. saurabh gupta says

    how to register mobile no. first time as it is now required to generate new password for online banking

      • Somnath says

        Durring opening the account
        I have registerd a mobile number only
        But Now this mobile number dosent exist

        I want to register for netbanking
        How Can I ..??

    • Praveen says

      If you wish to change the mobile number, then it is mandatory to submit mobile number approval form to process the request.

  4. abdul rashid says

    I want an approval of
    my new can I send approval form through speed post to the branch manager?because I am serving in other state

  5. Adil khan says

    Hai my account number 30971476356 i had submited Aproval form to change my number bt it has been a week still my mob number had been not changed

  6. O V Narasimha Rao says

    Hi I am facing the problem with OTP if any transaction or bill payment is made on online through my SBI card the OTP is not getting to my mobile no but in my net banking my mobile no is only there. I am not understanding why like this happening please rectify my problem and tell me any solution for this. If i withdraw money from ATM then it will getting message to my mobile no.



  8. Abhijith says

    Hi, I have followed the steps … then i got a message saying
    “Your Mobile Number change(from xxxxxx to 91xxxxxxxxx) is pending for approval.

    The problem is i stay away from my hometown where my account exists . I cant go the bank. Is ter any other way to get approved my mobile number??

  9. saleem syed says


  10. manali baldota says

    I tried to get my mobile number by following the steps but still my mobile number is not registered….I went to branch also but they couldn’t help me for the same…
    How should I get it registered? ? Please help

  11. HARIOM says

    Dear Sir,
    I have a SBI A/C and NET BANKING, but i have changed my previous registered mobile no. and a changed successfully another mobile no. and i submitted the OTP Approval Form to the Home Branch, and the bank Officer says that ha has approved the No. But still i don’t receive OTP on my new registered No.
    But i get all the message related to DEBIT & CREDIT on my new registered no.

    And i want to know that is any limited time period to approve the No. for OTP. Or within how many days should we submit the Form.
    Please Revert me as soon as possible.

  12. Niyaz Ahmed Khan says

    Dear Sir,

    i am holder of NRE ACCOUNT have successfully done log in and set profile password. and got Mobile registration ref no. EHS005589520. i could not get the print out. because my pc not connected to printer, There for i log out and i was trying to log in in order to get Mobile registration form. but unfortunately i could not log in it saying invalid username and password. and my mobile number still under bank approval. i cant get print out to submit to branch. please kindly suggest how to get my mobile registered as i have system generated mobile ref no. EHS00558950. PLEASE ADVICE i need to set my log in if the registration is got approved.


  13. Madhuri says


    I have already submitted a copy for mobile number update in Prasar bharti branch, but it’s not yet updated.

    Please resolve this matter at earliest & confirm once done.
    A/C No. 00000020097672313

  14. sathiyendran says


    I added my mobile number through profile log-in and I print out the form through the online and i filled up but i am in abroad may i send through mail or online to the branch. if possible please give me the details. or it may update itself no need to submit the form.

  15. suhail says

    im not getting otp for online shopping saying your mobile no is not registered but
    on branch thy said to register ur debit card ist online…on sbi site it says card no not valid.i called customer care emailed them went to concerned branch but not getting any answers…kindly help as im not getting otp how good us sbi fr mobile or net banking

  16. Ganesh says


    I have a Savings account in SBI – Chennai. But i’m in Bangalore.
    I want to update my new mobile number to my SBI account. Without going to my home SBI branch,
    Is there any way to update my mobile number to my account?
    Kindly help.


  17. Anjali Saxena says

    I’ve raised the request& submitted the approval form in branch 3 months back. I’ve been informed via email that my number is updated .Now,I’m receiving SMS for online banking but not for withdrawing cash from ATM. So, I proceed to register my number in SBI atm. Amd now, I’ve received the SMS stating that the number you entered is not registered with the branch. Please suggest what needs to be done as it’s been so frustrating to deal with the SBI bank.

  18. Adla says


    I am living in UK. i have sent mobile no. approval form to my home branch through post several times, still my mobile number has not been updated. Any suggestions will be much appreciated.

    Thanks in advance,

  19. Mrudula Gangolu says

    I am unable to find the mobile approval form even though i logged in through my account..May you kindly help me in finding the path for it…Its very urgent..

  20. yogesh says

    Hi, I have followed the steps … then i got a message saying
    “Your Mobile Number change(from xxxxxx to 91xxxxxxxxx) is pending for approval.

    The problem is i stay away from my hometown where my account exists . I cant go the bank. Is there any other way to get approved my mobile number??


  21. Unknown says

    I registeerd my new mobile number in sbi .. that is, I filled the above mentioned form and submitted to the sbi branch long back, the number got successfully updated and i’m getting the sms alerts to my new mobile number but the thing is some sms alert are being sent to my old mob number instead of my new number. what would be the reason for this?

  22. Giri says

    Hi, 10 days back I submitted the SBI Mobile Number Change Form to my home branch. But it is not approved yet. What is the reason? For ATM transactions the new number is working but for Internet banking it is not working.

  23. Langshen says

    I lost my registered mobile number before I got my username & OTP etc. Can I apply to change my registered mobile number since I lost it and I can’t even apply online for changing my number cause I lost my number before I got my username and OTP.
    Kindly help.

  24. sri vidya says

    Sir i have sbi account in bangalore branch but at present i am living in chennai my old Mobile number as been blocked so i want to change the mobile number for mobile banking wt can i do now sir

  25. Dass says

    I have a SBI account in one of the branch in Tamilnadu and I am now in Nepal. Thinking that I could change my account mobile number by just online process I proceeded. But now it is showing pending approval and I can’t travel down to my home branch now to submit the form. How could I cancel that pending approval and leave the number as it is ?

  26. frenny says

    I am unable to receive OTP when any transaction is made on online through my sbi mobile number is there in my net banking account .what would be the reason for this?
    thank you

  27. Ajay Sharma says

    Dear Sir,

    Good afternoon,

    I am NRE ac holder in SBI since last 6 years but from last one month i am not receiving OTP on my registered mobile number In that case I m not able to make any transfer.

    So i tried to contact my branch & sent 4 mails but not received any reply or no one picking up the calls.

    I sent my relative to check with branch, they saying OTP has been canceled for NRI’s & you have to check balance with NET BANKING. but apart from checking balance we have other things also do with OTP. like NET BANKING TRANSFER.

    We cant come to India to make a transfer or cant keep signed Blanc cheque book at home .

    Even Branch not accepting to register the LOCAL number of Mumbai too, saying if address of foreign registered in opening form then how come we accept the Local number of MUMBAI to send SMS & OTP alert ??

    I cant understand in that situation what to do ?? Bank has blocked to do any transactions online & this same thing happening with my other friends also from different part of India who having account in SBI & living here in same foreign county.

    So will you suggest what should we do ??

    Thanx in advance
    Ajay Sharma

  28. priyanka says

    i hv a sb account, using internet banking. i haved changed my mobile number in above mentioned. bank also authorised it.. i get sms only for login in internet banking.. i donot get sms for cash dedit or cerdit and atm services.. do the needful..

  29. laukik jadhav says

    i am unable to log in i have forgot my user name and password when i click on forgot tab i am asked for registered mobile no. Now what should i do? pls help me.

    Reply please

  30. Paku says

    Hi, I currently live out of India. I updated it online. But, I need to give the same in my SBI branch. Is it ok if I send the mobile number update form downloaded online with my friend and hand it over at the SBI branch ?


  31. Mritunjay Kumar Singh says

    I have updated my mobile number and fill the approval form. I want know where can i submit this form (SBI any branch or Home Branch).
    Please suggest me.

  32. Manan says

    I have changed Mobile No from 2 months before ,take a print of Mobile No Approval form and submit to my branch for approval. Till date it hasn’t clarified. I went again and ask for reason than they told me that concern person has changed and now you need to submit again. Let’s it see it changed or not this time. Governement work is always time consuming and always having a reason.

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