10 things you can do after B.Tech

If you ask a question on yourself that, after BTech what can I do? Here is the explanation about it. Once you have completed your B.Tech the world becomes your oyster and there are a variety of things that you can do. You have all most all avenues that are open to you after you have completed your graduation in engineering. Here are the 10 things that you can do after B.Tech.

1. Directly go in for an MBA

If you want to, you can go in for a MBA directly after the completion of the graduation. For this you will need to first appear for all the entrance exams such as CAT, XAT, SNAP etc so that you can get admission in a reputed college. It was one of the option if you have doubts related to question after BTech what can I do.

career after btech

2. Specialize in your field of study

In case you are not interested in doing an MBA, you can go in for an M.Tech, and specialize in the field of study that you chose for your graduation. For this also, you will need to start preparing for the exams well in advance.

3. Get selected in the campus interviews

In case you do not want to pursue higher education then you have the option of getting into a company soon after your graduation and for this you need not go around looking for a job as there are many companies that will be coming for campus recruitment to your college.

4. Pick up a diploma course in an area of your interest

After you have done your B.Tech you can now go in for a diploma course in something that you like, it can be painting, music, writing or anything else that you want to pursue.

5. Appear for the Civil services exams

This is a great option for those who have thought like after BTech what can I do and want to be a part of the administration and after the completion of your graduation you can give your complete attention to the preparation of the UPSC examinations that are very tough and need a lot of focus.

6. Try journalism

This is a great option after completing your graduation. There are many reputed colleges in the country for journalism and you can join any of them after clearing the entrance exam. Make sure that you have the language and other personal qualities before you go in for journalism.

7. Set up your own business

If you do not want to go in for further studies or for that matter work as an employee in anyone else’s company you can set up a business of your own and work by yourself or in partnership.

8. Try to be an actor or go in for modelling

This may not sound like a practical idea but in case you do have the looks to be a model or the talent to become an actor then you can try for either of them and if your luck is good, you might be the next big star.

9. Go in for animation

There are many animation courses that are available and you just need to join them and as it is an interesting field of study. You are sure to enjoy the course and later you can take it up professionally.

10. Go abroad and study

It is also a good option and you will get global exposure in case you choose to study abroad. Also, you will be able to pick up a job while you are studying there and might also want to permanently settle there in the future.

These are the 10 things to do after BTech. Choose ant one of them or go on the road that is less traveled. Whatever it is, make sure that you indulge in something that you really want to do, if you want to stay happy. We think this article gave some idea who are having a question after BTech what can I do.

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  1. Abhinay Kumar Singh says

    wow, i am really amazed. EACH AND EVERYTHING IN THE LIST IS EXACTLY THE SAME WHICH I KEEP ON THINKING!! If i would have written the post it would have been exactly the same!

    I am a b.tech mechanical graduate 2012 batch. Not much jobs in the field, neither do i search very seriously. I have a problem, lots of extra curricular activities. I always wanted to be a cricketer, but never got any support from parents. Now age is not on my side. Even if I watch cricket matches on Television, i cannot stop myself imagining playing cricket for my team. So now I don’t even watch matches.

    My second interest is music. I play keyboard, learnt of my own, but not a pro, can play lead of any song. I play guitar as well, that also learnt of my own, again not an expert. I can be a pro in both but i cannot see a future in that. My father won’t support me doing that after b.tech! Also i have to think of earning so again music won’t be right for me.

    Next comes my physique, which is God gifted I must say. I realized it when i first visited a gym. My body is very athletic, has got the proper definition, have got abs for which i have never worked out! Within a week my body gets pumped up and encourages me to go for modelling. But again parents won’t support me here as well. I also thought of a career as a personal trainer. But everything at last faces a common problem, that i have done b.tech and now where does this personal trainer thing come from?? So for now, i kept aside this thought as well.

    Now what i see for my future is get a job as soon as possible in any field. Start earning and then invest my own earned money in maybe a portfolio for my modelling. But getting a job is a problem in itself. I want a job in which at least i can have even a little interest. I have searched a lot. Many options came like business analyst, content writer, creative writing, writing for sites like team bhp, carwale, where i need to take a test drive and then compare the cars and write about them, then i also gained interest in journalism, graphic designing also came up as very interesting, then came multimedia design which also covers graphic designing, creative writing is another option which interests me,many a times i thought of becoming a writer, then came 3d animation which has got a good scope and interests me a lot.

    Then another part of my brain thinks of starting my own business. I thought of starting my own spots shop, also i have given a thought of starting a distribution business. I have also had thoughts of becoming an F1 racer, i am really good in racing as well, wanted to be a cyclist, have interest in cosmology, wanted to be a dj,rj, wanted to be an actor and i may be still missing out some things!

    Also i had plans of going abroad in tier-A universities, but for that i need a good job experience, infact a very good project then a very good score in GRE. Again it comes to a job.

    I am not mad. I am just searching for a job, for a thing, which will keep me interested for the next 40-50 years of my life. I know one thing about myself, if i choose a career in which i have interest no one can stop me doing wonders in that field. Thats the reason i want to change my field, did a big mistake on the day of admission in my engg colg.

    Presently I have started preparing for ssc cgl, exam is in april 14th or 21st. Was searching for what to do after b.tech and came up with your page.

    I want to be really successful, i want the world to know me for my work and that is what i am searching for. I don’t even know if you will read all of the above, but i wanted to write and tell this to someone. I need HELP. This age is the age of distraction, students want to do a lot of things, make a lot of money as early as possible, are unstable like me. I know all that. That is how it goes, everyone goes through the same stage..bla bla…..I need some good guidance, a good HELP.

    Thank You

    • Nivedita says

      This is Nivedita a BTech student facing same problem as you
      Don’t know what to do. I’m actually interested in basic science…but I have ended up with engineering (Technological side). Have many ideas and hopes and wishes in mind, but eventually none of them work. But now I have decided that I should take my interest first (basic science and maths).
      So for that I will just try to finish my BTech….even with just pass also ok. I doesn’t want any campus selection or any ranks also. But I will go on with the subjects in which I have interest (maths and science) in other than college time and I am happy now.
      I think you should also join some job in which you will be happy. Then in other time you should pursue your interest (the work which makes you most happy).
      All the best for your future!

      • SARWAN says


      • Abhinay Kumar Singh says


        Thankyou Nivedita :) It has been quite some time (almost 3 years) since I posted that comment, don’t know why its showing june 2014..today visiting this page after a very long time, nice to see my post is still there.

        I would like to tell, now I am over with that stage. Much clear with my plans and future and very stable. I am working and pursing all my interests whenever I get time.

        Wish you too all the very best for your future ahead. Make an exceptional one :) (y)

        • Praveen says

          Great to see you back Abhinay. We have revamped the website. So, due to some technical reasons, we’re are forced to change the dates to the comments posted. Apologies.

          Feels great that you have settled now. All the best.


  2. Ganesh wagh says

    Hey i’m TE mech student…. For good job i chose mechanical. But i am always very interested in computering and animation field specially…. Now i dont know what to do after BE, Specialization as Mtech or animation course.If i choose animation there will be no use of these 4 years of hardwork… also will i get that much success as after Mtech…. sorry but i’m REALLY Confused… :(

  3. jimit says

    im fussed with this hell engg. i completed my Mech. engg. bt i dn knw y i dn like to work as a mech. enggg….what to do……show me a ri8 path………………………………..

  4. Ansh says

    hello everyone..
    same goes with me.I completed my be (electrical) in june 2013.Tried for a couple of walkin but all was in vain.So started preparing for ssc cgl .Now the bottom line is this exam’s process is lenghthy,Meamwhile most of my frends fro It sector are earning descent salary.Everytime a person meets me,he asks why did i do BE if this was your final thought.Have to cope up wid all these and study side by side..Just waiting For my hard work to pay off :)

  5. Sumitro says

    all mech engg here 😀 lovely..like u all i’m also a mech engg currently employed in a core sector..& i thank god for choosing mech engg..i did it from a govt college..actually its tough ,even surviving in the industry is tough..I’m a part time writer & lyricist..I play guitar & have interest in photography..completely agree with that list..but if u r not happy in ur job,its time to find a new 1..fortunately i love machines,i love my job as well as would like to emerge as a good writer..

  6. priya chakravarty says

    @abhinay..Hi..di is priya…u just try to find the field of interest or i would say start preparing for government jobs.

    • Abhinay Kumar Singh says


      Ya correct, I am working now Priya. I have planned out things now. It took some time but now I am on track.

      Thanks a lot for your time 😀 CHeers!!

  7. priya chakravarty says

    this is priya….If you have done your btech from electrical and if you are interested in core sector them i would advice you to take admission in NPTI.I have also done my btech from electrical and has done many research regarding dis college.

  8. ankita says

    I have completed my b tech this year only(2014) in it (information technology) with avrg cgp (7.1) and was unable to get on campus placement and trying for off-campus placement from last 3 months but not able to crack any of the interviews .plzz suggest some courses i am not a good programmer

    • Subhashish says

      To all the students who are confused regarding what to do;
      First of all, I don’t understand why you have choosen to do b.tech if you guys have no interest in it.I guess because of money ,right. But why you people don’t understand that money without satisfaction is of no use. Also in today’s world, money will flow if you have perfection in any field. In any field. And perfection can be achieved only if you are damn interested in the work you are doing.
      Always listen to your inner voice. Do not perdue b.tech or m.tech only because someone else is telling you to do it. Listen to the voice of your heart and all your confusion will be removed. Even if you get a job with comparatively last salary you will have personal satisfaction because of which you can excel in your work.
      Watch Sandeep Maheshwari’s life changing seminar for a way out of your confusions. I am also a student like you all and it has motivated me lot.

      • Abhinay Kumar Singh says


        Hey hi, I would like to tell you why people go for b.tech even if they are not interested. The reason you presumed is not correct – “money”. The reason is – ” NO/FALSE GUIDANCE” and “LACK OF AWARENESS” AT THE TIME OF ADMISSION. Some students are fortunate enough to have a mentor in one’s life but some are not. I wont get into the explanation but that is the correct answer in brief.

        The points you have mentioned are very correct but everyone is already aware of these facts now. If you are really concerned then “Parents” are the correct audience I guess, instead of the students. It is the parents who need the actual guidance :)

        All the best (y)

  9. satendra says

    I have my btech (ece) 2012 and working in a electrical company.
    now I don’t want to work in this field anymore .plz suggest wat should I do.

  10. Ashutosh says

    I have done my engineering in ece branch 2013 batch , I have an experienced in Instrument testing and calibration , but now I left the job , what I can do mujhe kuch samajh main nahi aa raha. Please give me some suggestions from you.

  11. Shaan says

    @abhinay,nivedita and all the people I have a solution for u all . People who r interested in computer courses could do online comp courses in part time in HTML,php,java script,pl SQL,windows xp,windows vista,does,linux,c,c++,c#,Corel draw etc. having practical implementation deep knowledge. Have practical knowledge of these courses and u could get job easily.

  12. Izharul hashmi says

    All the people who are mechanical engineers ; you have. All the answers what to do ,why to do ,when to do & how to do …..don’t feel ashamed out of urself . Try to search the answers that is in you …all the best

  13. Sreekar says

    I m studying b.tech mechanical .but I was interested in photography .
    So can I do M.A photography after my btech

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